About Us

Founded in 2009, Irupe supplies premium organic specialty food ingredients to its customers all over the world. We grow, process, and package a selection of seeds according to our client specifications.

We work directly and sustainably with a select group of medium-sized growers and smallholder farmers in Paraguay. We offer our customers fully traceable products of the highest quality, while striving to achieve a positive impact on the communities and the environment from which we source.

Irupé currently exports to the United States, Europe and Asia. Our products are certified organic according to the EU and NOP rulings.

Where We Work

Point of Origin

We currently source all of our products from medium and smallholder farmers in Paraguay from the regions in San Pedro and Guairá. Paraguay is superbly suited to produce a wide range of specialty products and seeds a diversified subtropical climate stretches over tens of thousands of square kilometers of highly fertile land cultivated by farmers with deep agronomic knowledge and a strong commitment to agricultural.


Our headquarters and cleaning facilities are located in Luque, just 15 minutes away from the capital of Paraguay. The company also operates several warehouses in strategic locations around the country. All facilities are certified organic and follow strict food safety requirements.


Irupe is a committed producer of organic goods and we take our responsibility to deliver pesticide-free products very seriously. We test all merchandise before it leaves our warehouse at some of the world’s best laboratories in Hamburg, Germany and in the United States. Additional testing for the products’ purity and microbiological profile is done in-house and at local laboratories.

Our Clients

Our clients are wholesale buyers, distributors, and private label companies principally based in EU countries as well as in the US and Asia. We thrive to understand our clients’ needs maintaining a fluid communication with regular meetings in trade shows, personalized travels to their offices and always welcoming them at our headquarters in Paraguay.