Jose Cabral

We are a family dedicated to the agricultural field for more than 10 years, Thanks to the IRUPE company that always supports us, the family dream transcends years after years.


Noemí Zevallos

Excellent company! It produces and exports products with high nutritional values such as organic chia and organic peanuts. Thanks to the financial support provided by IRUPE, our family business is growing and being better known at the country level.


José Carlos Ramírez

Thanks to the IRUPE company, the Ramírez family will expand chia and peanuts to its market, in addition to flax, I encourage other agricultural producers to trust the support and trust that the company provides


Artemio González

We are a family made up of 4 members, we all dedicate ourselves to agriculture, to the land and it is our only breadwinner. IRUPE PY, gives us the most necessary in this area, which is the accompaniment and above all the advice to improve our production


Rosalina Báez

IRUPE PARAGUAY, bets on small farmers, offering training and sharing their knowledge to us, for me and my whole family to have the IRUPE team, gives us peace of mind and security. Thanks IRUPE PARAGUA


María Luisa González

IRUPE PARAGUAY, was always based on its varied and reliable product lines, together with the high level of customer service, its excellent service and production with commercial and managerial capacity, prioritizing its needs and having the progress of the farmer as its main objective.

Packs Description

In Irupe Py we create our own packaged products, with the best quality and image in the process and adapted to the needs of the client.

Vacuum packaging guarantees maximum preservation of all food properties and prolongs the product's shelf life, with the advantage of not requiring additives or preservatives.

Teff Description

The Ancient Grain. It is a seed from the family of the poaceae that responds to the scientific name Eragrostis tef. It is a cereal that adapts very well to drought-prone climates and arid lands, and is resistant to insect pests and diseases, so it does not need chemical care.

Its name derives from the Amharic word teffa, which means ‘lost’, in reference to its small size: the teff grain does not exceed 1.7 mm high by 1 mm in diameter.

Teff Seeds
Ground Teff

Peanut Description

Peanuts are a dried fruit from the Arachis hypogaea plant native to the tropical region of South America, widely used in food confectionery, usually consumed roasted with some salt but can also occur in sweet varieties.

The main component of peanuts are lipids specifically fatty acids, they constitute between 40 and 55% of their composition and explain why their high caloric content is estimated at about 560 calories per 100 grams.

Whole Peanuts
Split Peanut
Bleached Peanuts
Roasted Peanuts
Diced Peanuts
Peanut Flour

Flax Description

Flax (Linum usitatissimum) is a plant of several uses: the stem is used to make fiber for cloth. The seeds and their oil have dietary uses. Flax seeds are rich in soluble fiber (mucilage and pectin) that has a protective effect for the intestinal mucosae, regulates intestinal flora and helps in constipation.

Ground Flax
Flax Flour
Flax Oil

Description Chia

Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) is an annual herbaceous plant, belonging to the family of labiates (Lamiaceae) and native to the mountainous areas of Mexico, with about 1.5 m high. The stems are quadrangular and ribbed. The leaves are opposite, petiolated and serrated limb. The flowers, hermaphrodites, can be presented together in terminal corsages. Depending on the variety of Chia, the color of the petals in the flower can vary from purple to white. The fruit is in the form of indehiscent achene. Inside it is the small seed with an oval shape (2 mm long x 1.5 mm wide) and with a smooth, bright appearance, pardogrisáceo color to white and with some reddish lines.

Milled Chia
Chia Flour
Chia Oil